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Manual Therapy Techniques from Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu and Zen Practice


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A massage technique created & developed by Jun Xiao & David Liu. It's a combination of Thai Yoga Massage and Shiatsu.  Thaitsu adds a whole lot of yoga stretches and joint plays to Shiatsu, and compares to the lack of theories practice of Thai massage, it has a solid Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theories. Thaitsu is a more treatment focused practice. It's beneficial for chronic pains, joint dysfunctions, and it brings body to a new level of wellness by balance it.

Thaitsu also focus on therapist's shelf healing and balances

$90/hr (additional 30 minutes $30)

To book an appointment online, or interested in a Thaitsu certificate course please email or leave an message at 416-939-8888